The Use of Case Management as a Revitalizing Theme in a Juvneile Jusitce Agency"

Gilmore, T.N. & Schall, E.
Public Administration Review, Vol. 46, No.3, May/June 1986, pp. 267-274.

Many organizations, especially public agencies, are in need of revitalization. Often the arrival of a new leader is an opportune moment to reinvigorate the agency, yet the yield from this opportunity critically depends on the way in which the leader joins with the existing staff. The following article examines some of the dynamics of a new leader's arrival and explores the power of a strategic theme to link the leader and the inherited staff productively. We examine the early phases of the emergence of a strategic theme and look at the critical transition when the theme begins to shape behavior. We conclude with advice on the use of themes as vehicles for revitalization.

Wagner Faculty