The High Cost of Segregation: The Relationship Between Racial Segregation and Subprime Lending

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Medicaid Patients at High Risk for Frequent Hospital Admission: Real-time Identification and Remedial Risks

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Crime and US Cities: Recent Patterns and Implications

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Making Ends Meet: Women and Poverty in New York City

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Does the Built Environment Affect the Utility of Walking? A Case of Path Choice in Downtown Boston.

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Pedestrian Environments, Walking Path Choice, and Transfer Penalties: Understanding Land-Use Impacts on Transit Travel

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Modeling the Effects of Transit System Transfers on Travel Behavior: A Commuter Rail and Subway Case Study in Downtown Boston

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Recent Trends in the Availability and Affordability of Housing in New York City

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Transportation Density and Opportunities for Expediting Recovery to Promote Security

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Immigration and Urban Schools: The Dynamics of Demographic Change in the Nation's Largest School District

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