Bonding, bridging, and linking: How social capital operated in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina

Hawkins, R. L. & Maurer, K. Read more

Disappearing acts: The social networks of formerly homeless individuals with co-occurring disorders

Hawkins, R. L. & Abrams, C. Read more

A Water Availability Intervention in NYC Public Schools: Influence on Youth Water and Milk Behaviors.

Elbel B, Mijanovich T, Abrams C, Cantor J, Dunn L, Nonas C, Cappola K, Onufrak S, Park S. Read more

Augmented Reality and Urban Exploration

Kaufman, Sarah M. Read more

Profile of Rent-Stabilized Units and Tenants in New York City

NYU Furman Center Read more

The State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods in 2013

I.G. Ellen et al. Read more

Shifting the Burden: Examining the Undertaxation of Some of the Most Valuable Properties in New York City

The Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy Read more

Unlocking the Right to Build: Designing a More Flexible System for Transferring Development Rights

Vicki Been, John Infranca, Josiah Madar, Jessica Yager Read more

Smart devices and travel time use by bus passengers in Vancouver

Guo, Z, A Derian, and J Zhao Read more

Duet of the commons: Impact of street cleaning on household car usage in New York City

Guo, Z and P Xu Read more

Overweight, obesity, and inactivity and urban design in rapidly growing Chinese cities

Day, K, M Alfonzo, Y F Chen, Z Guo, and K K Lee Read more

From minimum to maximum: The impact of parking standard reform on residential parking supply in London

Guo, Z and S Ren Read more
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