The Food Safety Research Workforce and Economic Outcomes

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The Structure of Research Funding

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Identifying Food Safety related Research

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The Conceptual and Empirical Framework

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Building an Infrastructure to Support the Use of Federal Administrative Data for Social Science Researchers

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The Power of Predictable Paychecks

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The Use of Locally-Imposed Selective Taxes to Fund Public Pension Liabilities

Thad D. Calabrese Read more

Economic Shocks and Regional Economic Resilience

Edward Hill, Travis St.Clair, Howard Wial, Harold Wolman, Patricia Atkins, Pamela Blumenthal, Sarah Ficenec, and Alec Friedhof Read more

Coping with Adversity: Regional Economic Resilience and Public Policy

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Difference-in-Differences Methods in Public Finance

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Contribution Volatility and Public Pension Reform

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Retirement Contribution Rate Nudges and Plan Participation: Evidence from a Field Experiment

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