The Impact of the 2008-2009 Global Economic Crisis on Local Governments.

Martinez Vazquez, J., P. Smoke and F. Vaillancourt. Read more

Distributional Consequences of the Russian Price Reform

Jonathan Morduch, Karen Brooks, and Yakov Urinson Read more

Delegating to the Quango: Ex Ante and Ex Post Ministerial Constraints

Anthony M. Bertelli Read more

Governing the Quango: A Theory of Auditing and Cheating

Anthony M. Bertelli Read more

The Role of Political Ideology in the Structural Design of New Governance Agencies

Anthony M. Bertelli Read more

Agreeable Administrators? Analyzing the Public Positions of Cabinet Secretaries and Presidents

Anthony M. Bertelli and Christian R. Grose Read more

Government Checking Government: How Performance Measures Expand Distributive Politics

Anthony M. Bertelli and Peter C. John Read more

Congressional Ideology and Administrative Oversight in the New Deal Era

Anthony M. Bertelli Read more

Separated Powers in the United States: The Ideology of Agencies, Presidents, and Congress

Clinton, J. D., Bertelli, A., Grose, C. R., Lewis, D. E. and Nixon, D. C. Read more

Measuring Agency Attributes with Attitudes Across Time: A Method and Examples Using Large-Scale Federal Surveys

Bertelli, A.M., D.P. Mason, J.M. Connolly, and D.A. Gastwrith Read more

Madison’s Managers: Public Administration and the Constitution

Anthony M. Bertelli and Laurence E. Lynn Jr. Read more

The Political Economy of Public Sector Governance

Anthony Michael Bertelli Read more
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