Health Policy

Hospital Performance, the Local Economy, and the Local Workforce: Findings from a US National Longitudinal Study

Blustein, J., Borden, W.B., Valentine, M. Read more

Medicare Payments, Health Care Services Use, and Telemedicine Implementation Cost in Randomized Trial Comparing Telemedicine Case Management With Usual Care in Medically Underserved Patients With Diabetes Mellitus

Palmas, W., Shea, S., Starren, J., Teresi, J.E., Ganz, M.L., Burton, T.M., Pashos, C.L., Blustein, J., Field, L., Morin, P.C., Izquierdo, R.E., Silver, S., Eimicke, J.P., Langiua, R.A. & Weinstock, S. Read more

Urban Aging, Social Isolation, and Emergency Preparedness

MK. Gusmano & VG. Rodwin Read more

La Révolution Tranquille du Managed Care aux Etats Unis. (The Silent Revolution of Managed Care in the United States)

VG. Rodwin Read more

Experience Goods and Expectational Traps: Bounded Rationality and Consumer Behavior in Markets for Medical Care

Schlesinger, M., Stuckler, D. & Elbel, B. Read more

Consumer Estimation of Recommended and Actual Calories at Fast Food Restaurants

Elbel, B. Read more

Child and Adolescent Fast Food Choice and the Influence of Calorie Labeling

Elbel, B., Gyamfi, J. & Kersh, R. Read more

How Much Choice? Nonlinear Relationships Between The Number of Health Plan Options and the Behavior of Medicare Beneficiaries

Schlesinger, M. & Elbel, B. Read more

Childhood Obesity: public health impact and policy responses

Kersh, R. & Elbel, B. Read more

Chapter 3: Assessing Health Sector Corruption in Ethiopia

Savedoff, W. & Grépin, K.A. Read more

Conceptualizing Integration: A framework for analysis applied to neglected tropical disease control programs

Grépin, K.A. & Reich, MR. Read more

Health Care in World Cities: New York, London and Paris

MK. Gusmano, VG. Rodwin & D. Weisz Read more
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