Health Policy

NYC “Healthy Happy Meals” Bill: Potential Impact on Fast Food Purchases.

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The Introduction of a Supermarket via Tax-Credits in a Low-Income Area: The Influence of Purchasing and Consumption.

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Corner store purchases in a low-income urban community in NYC.

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Determining Chronic Disease Prevalence in Local Populations Using Emergency Department Surveillance.

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Spending at Mobile Fruit and Vegetable Carts and Using SNAP Benefits to Pay, Bronx, New York, 2013 and 2014.

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Dietary Variety is Inversely Associated with Body Adiposity among US Adults Using a Novel Food Diversity Index.

Vadiveloo M, Dixon LB, Mijanovich T, Elbel B, Parekh N. Read more

Public Policy & Obesity: Overview and Update.

Kersh R, Elbel B. Read more

Calorie Labeling and Consumer Estimation of Calories Purchased.

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Development and Evaluation of the US Healthy Food Diversity Index.

Vadiveloo M, Dixon LB, Mijanovich T, Elbel B, Parekh N. Read more

Application of Global Positioning System Methods for the Study of Obesity and Hypertension Risk Among Low-Income Housing Residents in New York City: A Spatial Feasibility Study.

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Same Strategy Different Industry? Corporate Influence on Public Policy.

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Presenting Quality Data to Vulnerable Groups: Charts, Summaries or Behavioral Economic Nudges?

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