Health Policy

Health Services Management: Cases, Readings and Commentary

A.R. Kovner Read more

Local adaptations to a global health initiative: penalties for home births in Zambia

Dana Greeson, Emma Sacks, Tsitsi B Masvawure, Katherine Austin-Evelyn, Margaret E Kruk, Mubiana Macwan’gi, and Karen A Grépin Read more

Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare

A.R. Kovner & T. D'Aunno Read more

Integration of substance abuse treatment organizations into Accountable Care Organizations: Results from a national survey

T. D'Aunno, P.D. Friedmann, Q. Chen, & D.M. Wilson Read more

Paths to improving engagement among racial and ethnic minorities in addiction health services

E. Guerrero, K. Fenwick, Y. Kong, C. Grella, & T. D'Aunno. Read more

Practice environments and job satisfaction and turnover intentions of nurse practitioners: Implications for primary care workforce capacity

L. Poghosyan, J. Liu, J. Shang, & T. D'Aunno Read more

Creating value for participants in multi-stakeholder alliances: the shifting importance of leadership and collaborative decision-making over time

T. D'Aunno, J.A. Alexander, & L. Jiang Read more

Low Rates of Adoption and Implementation of Rapid HIV Testing in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

J.A. Frimpong, T. D'Aunno, S. Helleringer, & L. Metsch Read more

Hepatitis C Testing in Substance Use Disorder Treatment: The Role of Program Managers in Adoption of Testing Services

J.A. Frimpong & T. D'Aunno Read more

On-site Bundled Rapid HIV/HCV Testing in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs: Study Protocol for a Hybrid Design Randomized Controlled Trial

J.A. Frimpong, T. D'Aunno, D.C. Perlman, S.M. Strauss, A. Mallow, D. Hernandez, B.R. Schackman, D.J. Feaster, & L.R. Metsch Read more

Child diarrhea and nutritional status in rural Rwanda: a cross-sectional study to explore contributing environmental and demographic factors

Sheela S. Sinharoy, Wolf-Peter Schmidt, Kris Cox, Zachary Clemence, Leodomir Mfura, Ronald Wendt, Sophie Boisson, Erin Crossett, Karen A. Grépin, William Jack, Jeannine Condo, James Habyarimana and Thomas Clasen Read more

Needed: Global Collaboration for Comparative Research on Cities and Health

VG. Rowdin and MK. Gusmano Read more