Law & Regulation

"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Cigarette Tax Salience and Regressivity."

Jacob Goldin and Tatiana Homonoff Read more

Consumer Borrowing after Payday Loan Bans

Neil Bhutta, Jacob Goldin, Tatiana Homonoff Read more

Does Preservation Accelerate Neighborhood Change? Examining the Impact of Historic Preservation in New York City

Brian J. McCabe and Ingrid Gould Ellen Read more

Building prosecutorial autonomy from within: The transformation of the Ministério Público in Brazil

Coslovsky, Salo and Amit Nigam Read more

Beyond Bureaucracy: How prosecutors and public defenders enforce urban planning laws in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Coslovsky, Salo Read more

Changing behaviors to prevent noncommunicable diseases

Chokshi, D. and T.A. Farley Read more

Reconsidering the Politics of Public Health

Chokshi, D., and N.W. Stine Read more

Ensuring Progress in Primary Care — What Can Health Care Reform Realistically Accomplish?

Chokshi, D. Read more

Social capital and Juvenile Justice: Can we use it and how

Hawkins, R.L., Vashchenko, M. V., & Davis, C. Read more

Marketing Racism: The Imperialism of Rationality, Critical Race Theory, and Some Interdisciplinary Lessons for Neoclassical Economics

Anthony M. Bertelli Read more

Should Social Workers Engage in the Unauthorized Practice of Law?

Anthony M. Bertelli Read more

Impoverished Liberalism: Does the New York Workfare Program Violate Human Rights?

Anthony M. Bertelli Read more
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