Obesity Politics/Policy

Vision + Action = Faithful Execution: Why Government Daydreams and How to Stop the Cascade of Breakdowns That Now Haunts It

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Back to the Future on Presidential Appointments

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Five Years Later: Awareness of New York City’s Calorie Labels Decline with No Changes in Calories Purchased.

Cantor J, Torres A, Abrams C, Elbel B. Read more

Estimating the Effect of a School-Based Water Intervention in NYC on Child BMI and Obesity

A.E. Schwartz, M. Leardo, S. Aneja, B. Elbel Read more

Participation in the Wake of Adversity: Blame Attribution and Policy-Oriented Evaluations

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Performance Standards for Restaurants: A New Approach to Addressing the Obesity Epidemic.

Cohen D, Bhatia R, Story MT, Sugarman SD, Economos CD, Whitsel LP, Williams JD, Elbel B, Harris J, Kappagoda M, Champagne CM, Shields K, Lesser LI, Fox T, Becker N. Read more

NYC “Healthy Happy Meals” Bill: Potential Impact on Fast Food Purchases.

Elbel B, Mijanovich T, Cantor J, Bragg MA. Read more

Corner store purchases in a low-income urban community in NYC.

Kiszko K, Cantor J, Abrams C, Ruddock C, Moltzen K, Devia C, McFarline B, Singh H, Elbel B. Read more

Determining Chronic Disease Prevalence in Local Populations Using Emergency Department Surveillance.

Lee DC, Long JA, Wall SP, Braithwaite RS, Elbel B. Read more

Spending at Mobile Fruit and Vegetable Carts and Using SNAP Benefits to Pay, Bronx, New York, 2013 and 2014.

Breck A, Kiszko K, Abrams C, Elbel B. Read more

Dietary Variety is Inversely Associated with Body Adiposity among US Adults Using a Novel Food Diversity Index.

Vadiveloo M, Dixon LB, Mijanovich T, Elbel B, Parekh N. Read more

Public Policy & Obesity: Overview and Update.

Kersh R, Elbel B. Read more