Obesity Politics/Policy

Rebates as Incentives: The Effects of a Gym Membership Reimbursement Program

Tatiana Homonoff, Barton Willage, and Alexander Willen Read more

Vision + Action = Faithful Execution: Why Government Daydreams and How to Stop the Cascade of Breakdowns That Now Haunts It

Paul Light Read more

Back to the Future on Presidential Appointments

Paul Light Read more

Five Years Later: Awareness of New York City’s Calorie Labels Decline with No Changes in Calories Purchased.

Cantor J, Torres A, Abrams C, Elbel B. Read more

Estimating the Effect of a School-Based Water Intervention in NYC on Child BMI and Obesity

A.E. Schwartz, M. Leardo, S. Aneja, B. Elbel Read more

Participation in the Wake of Adversity: Blame Attribution and Policy-Oriented Evaluations

Levin, Ines and J. Andrew Sinclair and R. Michael Alvarez Read more

Same Strategy Different Industry? Corporate Influence on Public Policy.

Shelley D, Ogedegbe G, Elbel B. Read more

Who Reports Noticing and Using Calorie Information Posted on Fast Food Restaurant Menus?

Breck A, Cantor J, Martinez O, Elbel B. Read more

The Influence of Point-of-Selection Menu Labeling in Fast Food Restaurants and Cafeterias on Food Orders and Consumption: A Review of the Literature.

Kiszko K, Martinez O, Abrams C, Elbel B. Read more

Application of Global Positioning System Methods for the Study of Obesity and Hypertension Risk Among Low-Income Housing Residents in New York City: A Spatial Feasibility Study.

Duncan DT, Regan SD, Shelley D, Day K, Ruff RR, Al-Bayan M, Elbel B. Read more

Calorie Labeling and Consumer Estimation of Calories Purchased.

Taksler GB, Elbel B. Read more

Dietary Variety is Inversely Associated with Body Adiposity among US Adults Using a Novel Food Diversity Index.

Vadiveloo M, Dixon LB, Mijanovich T, Elbel B, Parekh N. Read more