Public & Nonprofit Orgs

Permeable borders: How understanding conflict in research teams can enhance understanding conflict in work teams

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The Strategic Use of Pensions by Not-for-profit Organizations

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Intersecting Sectors? The Connection Between Nonprofit and Government Spending

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Do Operating Reserves Stabilize Spending by Nonprofit Organizations?

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How Do Nonprofits Respond to Regulatory Thresholds: Evidence From New York's Audit Requirements

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Contribution Volatility and Public Pension Reform

Travis St.Clair and Juan Pablo Martinez Guzman Read more

Public Borrowing for Private Organizations: Costs and Structure of Tax-Exempt Debt through Conduit Issuers

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Leadership styles, ethnicity, and race

E.G. Foldy & S. Ospina Read more

How Are We Doing? The Failure of Welfare Reform to Reduce Poverty

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Notes for the Implementation of Strategic Human Talent in Colombia within a Model of Deliberative Public Administration

S. Ospina Read more

Civil Society Capacity for Public Action: Lessons for Leadership Development in Social Change Organizations. (Capacidad de la Sociedad Civil para la Acción Pública Local: Lecciones sobre el desarrollo de Liderazgos en Organizaciones para el Cambio Social)

S. Ospina Bozzi Read more

Voices and Experiences: The Management of Human Talent from the Inside Out in Colombian Public Organizations (Voces y Vivencias: La Gestión del Talento Humano Vista desde Adentro de las Organizaciones Públicas Colombianas)

S. Ospina Bozzi and A. Hofmann-Pinilla Read more