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Evaluation of Continuums of Care For Homeless People

Burt, M., D. Pollack, A. Sosland, K. Mikelson, E. Drapa, K. Greenwalt, and P. Sharkey Read more

Evaluation of Community-Academic Partnership Functioning: Center for the Elimination of Hepatitis B Health Disparities

Van Devanter, N., S. Kwon, S.C. Sim, K. Chun, and C. Trinh-Shevrin Read more

A new methodology for assessing social work practice: The adaptation of the Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (SW-OSCE)

Lu, Y. E., Ain, E., Chamorro, C., Chang, C. Y., Feng, J. Y. Fong, R., Garcia, B., Hawkins, R. L., Yu, M. Read more

A Cascade of Failures: Why Government Fails, and How to Stop It

Light, Paul C. Read more

Nonprofits Should Lead the Sharing Economy

Gore, Erin Morgan Read more

Evidence-Based Management: Implications for Nonprofit Organizations

Kovner, A. R. Read more

Beyond Foundation Funding: Revenue-Generating Strategies for Sustainable Social Change

Jennifer Dodge, Amparo Hofmann-Pinilla, Angela Beard and Caitlin Murphy Read more

Three-Part Harmony

Glied, Sherry and Schachter, D.R. Read more

Performance Measurement and Evaluation Systems: Institutionalizing Accountability for Governmental Results in Latin America

Cunill-Grau, N., & Ospina, S. M. Read more

Investigations Done Right and Wrong: Government by Investigation, 1945-2012

Light, Paul Read more

Flying under the radar? The state and the enforcement of labor laws in Brazil

Coslovsky, Salo Read more

Employee Benefit Financing and Municipal Bankruptcy

Ives, Martin and Thad Calabrese Read more
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