Race, Class, Gender & Diversity

Non-academic factors associated with dropping out of high school: Adolescent problem behaviors

Hawkins, R. L., Jaccard, J., & Needle, E. Read more

Economic and social abuse of low-income older adults: Policy solutions

Hawkins, R. L. & Weiss, M. Read more

Social justice revisited: Psychological re-colonization and the challenge of anti-oppression advocacy

Ali, A., McFarlane, E., Hawkins, R. L., & Udo-Inyang, I. Read more

“Waiting for the white man to change things”: Rebuilding Black poverty in New Orleans

Hawkins, R. L. & Maurer, K. Read more

Fickle families and the kindness of strangers: Social capital in the lives of low-income single mothers

Hawkins, R. L. Read more

Outsider in: How race, identity, and sex affected research in New Orleans

Hawkins, R. L. Read more

Same as it ever was, only worse: Negative life events and poverty among New Orleans Katrina survivors

Hawkins, R. L. Read more

Everyday conflict and stress among older African American women: Findings from a focus group study and pilot training program

Weitzman, P.F., Dunigan, R., Hawkins, R.L., Weitzman, E. A., & Levkoff, S.E. Read more

"Variation Within?: Exploring Intra-Congregational Differences in a Black Political Church"

Nordlund, Caroline, Paul A.Djupe and Michael Leo Owens Read more

Marketing Racism: The Imperialism of Rationality, Critical Race Theory, and Some Interdisciplinary Lessons for Neoclassical Economics

Anthony M. Bertelli Read more

The State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods in 2013

I.G. Ellen et al. Read more

A little similarity goes a long way: The effects of peripheral but self-revealing similarities on improving and sustaining interracial relationships

West, T. V., Magee, J. C., Gordon, S. H., & Gullett, L. Read more
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