Race, Class, Gender & Diversity

Do Housing Choice Voucher Holders Live Near Good Schools

Ingrid Gould Ellen, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Keren Horn Read more

The Foreclosure Crisis and Community Development: Exploring the Foreclosed Stock in Hard-Hit Neighborhoods

Ingrid Gould Ellen, Josiah Madar, and Max Weselcouch Read more

Environmental and individual factors affecting menu labeling utilization: a qualitative research study

Jennifer Schindler, Kamila Kiszko, Courtney Abrams, Nadia Islam, Brian Elbel Read more

Race and neighborhoods in the 21st century: What does segregation mean today?

De la Roca, Jorge, Ingrid Gould Ellen and Katherine M. O'Regan. Read more

The Color Bind: Talking (and not Talking) about Race at Work

Foldy, Erica Gabrielle and Buckley, Tamara R. Read more

Not Just for Poor Kids: The Impact of Universal Free School Breakfast on Meal Participation and Student Outcomes

Leos-Urbel, J., Schwartz, A. E., Weinstein, M., & Corcoran, S. Read more

Beyond Black: Diversity among Black Immigrant Students in New York City Public Schools

Doucet, F., Schwartz, A. E., & Debraggio, E. Read more

Learning in Place: Immigrant Spatial and Temporal Strategies for Occupational Advancement

Iskander, N., C. Riordan, & N. Lowe. Read more

Disparities in Service Quality Among Insured Adult Patients Seen in Physicians’ Offices

Dan Ly, Sherry Glied Read more

Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities: The Action Plan from the Department of Health and Human Services

Howard K. Koh, Garth Graham and Sherry Glied Read more

Pathways to Integration: Examining Changes in the Prevalence of Racially Integrated Neighborhoods

Ellen, Ingrid, Katherine O’Regan and Keren Horn Read more

Does Municipally Subsidized Housing Improve School Quality? Evidence from New York City

Chellman, Colin, Ingrid Ellen, Brian McCabe, Amy Ellen Schwartz and Leanna Stiefel Read more
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