Race, Class, Gender & Diversity

Building blocks of bias: Gender composition predicts male and female group members’ evaluations of each other and the group

West, TV, ME Heilman, K Gullett, CA Moss-Racusin, & JC Magee. Read more

Race/Ethnicity-Specific Associations of Urinary Phthalates with Childhood Body Mass in a Nationally Representative Sample

Trasande, Leonardo, Teresa M Attina, S Sathyanarayana, Adam J Spanier, Jan Blustein. Read more

Urban Mobility in the 21st Century

Moss, Mitchell L. and Hugh O'Neil Read more

Do Federally Assisted Households Have Access to High Performing Public Schools?

Ellen, Ingrid Gould and Horn, Keren Mertens. Read more

Entrepreneurship in Services and Socially Disadvantaged in India

Rajeev Dehejia and Arvind Panagariya Read more

Demographics, clinical characteristics and outcomes of neonates diagnosed with fetomaternal haemorrhage.

Stroustrup, Annemarie and Leonardo Trasande Read more

Why We Must Break the Male Cartel in the Work Place

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State of New York City's Housing and Neighborhoods 2011

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Public Opinion and Constitutional Controversy

Persily, Nathaniel, Jack Citrin and Patrick J. Egan, eds. Read more

Group Cohesion without Group Mobilization: The Case of Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals

Egan, Patrick J. Read more

A School-Randomized Clinical Trial of an Integrated Social-Emotional Learning and Literacy Intervention: Impacts on Third-Grade Outcomes

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Active living and social justice: Planning for physical activity in low income and black and Latino communities

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