Black History Month Gallery Opening at NYU Wagner

NYU Wagner’s 2015 Black History Month celebration kicked off with a new gallery exhibition and dialogue with the artists on February 17. 

“Two Artists Two Visions” showcases the work of Jacqueline Bishop, Visual Artist and Master Teacher of Liberal Studies at NYU Arts and Sciences, and Alex Merchant, Visual Artists and Assistant Director of Third Avenue Residence Hall for NYU. 

Over 120 guests came to hear the artists discuss their latest works. NYU Wagner student Beneque Cousin (MPA-HPAM 2017) moderated the conversation about how the artists' work has been influenced by their communities in Jamaica and the Midwest, respectively, and how the artists' personal explorations have evolved throughout their career. The exhibit will be on display on the 2nd floor of the Puck Building until April 24.

Since its debut in November 2005, The Gallery Space at NYU Wagner has hosted three to four annual exhibits for both established and emerging artists. The space is co-curated by NYU Gallatin’s interdisciplinary art adviser Ann Chwatsky and NYU Wagner’s resident curator Frankie Crescioni-Santoni.