Bloomberg Fellows discuss media and politics with New York’s industry leaders

Bloomberg Public Service Fellows and panelists, front row from left: Mitchell Moss, Sally Goldenberg, Jeff Mays, and Chris Coffey. @Myaskovsky: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.

The media’s influence on public discourse—a pressing topic of our time—was the focus of a special conversation amongst industry leaders and NYU Wagner’s Georgina and Charlotte Bloomberg Public Service Fellows last week. The panel, How the Media Shapes Local Politics and Public Policy, was moderated by Mitchell Moss who serves as NYU Wagner’s Henry Hart Rice Professor of Urban Policy and Planning and is the former director of the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation.

Guest speakers hailed from the heart of New York City’s bustling news cycle and political scene with panelists including Jeff Mays, Metro desk reporter for The New York Times, Sally Goldenberg, City Hall Bureau Chief for POLITICO New York, and Chris Coffey, CEO of Tusk Strategies.

As a reporter for the Metro desk, Jeff Mays covers politics with a focus on New York City Hall, an opportunity that follows his time reporting on Newark City Hall and former mayor Cory Booker. Sally Goldenberg joined POLITICO New York in 2013 to report on then-mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration with a focus on budget and labor practices. Chris Coffey’s current position as CEO of Tusk Strategies follows 12 years of service in city government including his work at City Hall under former mayor Mike Bloomberg, roles in three Bloomberg mayoral campaigns, and Bloomberg L.P.

Key to the event was the opportunity for Bloomberg Public Service Fellows, a select group of students enrolled in NYU Wagner’s Master of Public Administration and Master of Urban Planning programs, to engage with field experts. The Fellowship launched last year in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies to ensure that dedicated and innovative young leaders have access to, and robust training for, careers in public service.

Bloomberg Fellows Dominique Dukes (MPA 2024) and Patrick Spauster (MUP 2023) converse with Jeff Mays, center, at NYU Wagner’s Puck Building. @Myaskovsky: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.
Viviana Vizcaino (MUP 2023), center, discusses a point with panelists and Fellows Scott Johnson (MPA 2024), left, and Jerrell Gray (MUP 2023), right. @Myaskovsky: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.
Mitchell Moss, Henry Hart Rice Professor of Urban Policy & Planning.
@Myaskovsky: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.
Members of two cohorts of the Bloomberg Public Service Fellows program. @Myaskovsky: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.
Incoming student and Bloomberg Fellow, JD Mazuera Arias (MPA 2024), addresses panelists. @Myaskovsky: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.
Jerrell Gray (MUP 2023) is a member of the inaugural cohort. @Myaskovsky: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.
Bloomberg Fellows Aisha Balogun (MUP 2023), Symantha Clough (MPA 2023), and JD Mazuera Arias (MPA 2024). @Myaskovsky: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.
Incoming students and Bloomberg Fellows, Kenya Reeves (MPA 2024) and Shannon Flores (MPA 2024), left and center right, stand with Mitchell Moss and Aisha Balogun (MUP 2023). @Myaskovsky: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.