Data Analytics Training Program Draws 60 Enrollees in its Inaugural Year

Big Data

The inaugural cohort of the Executive Program in Applied Data Analytics includes 60 enrollees from three countries and 11 states—a diverse array of skilled professionals working for local, state, and federal agencies, according to its New York University facilitator, Julia Lane, a professor at NYU Wagner and the Center for Urban Science and Progress of NYU, and NYU Provostial Fellow in Innovation Analytics.

The 12-day training program was launched in January through a collaboration with the University of Chicago and the University of Maryland for those seeking a stronger foundation in data analytics and software development. The training program is applicable to a broad range of fields such as sociology, public health, computer science, survey statistics, and federal departments. Completion of the certificate requirements, which can be achieved at any of the three campuses, equips students with the tools to manage and undergo technology and analytics projects, and opens the door to the fields of statistical analysis, software development, and data science.

Students in the inaugural cohort include enrollees from public sector realms such as Mayoral/County Executive; Information technology; Data analytics units; Gubernatorial offices and agencies; and the Federal Departments of the Census, Agriculture, and Housing and Urban Development, and the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the US Department of Justice.

“We are thrilled by the extremely auspicious start of the Executive Program in Applied Data Analytics, and especially the chance to work with such an impressive array of enrollees, who are poised to make an impact in the new frontier of big data production, data management, and data analytics," said Lane.

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