NYU Wagner Double Major Kelsey Moore Named Valedictorian at CAS

Kelsey Moore, a Double Major in Public Policy at NYU Wagner and Africana studies at the College of Arts & Science, has been named valedictorian of the CAS Class of 2019. The recipient of the Roland P. Beattie Memorial Award (presented to the academic high-achiever of the graduating class), she will soon pursue doctoral studies at Johns Hopkins University.

The daughter of a South Carolina factory worker, her academic feat is hardly going unnoticed. NYU Local headlined its recent profile of Ms. Moore this way: “Meet the First Black Woman to be CAS Valedictorian: Kelsey Moore is making history.”

We couldn't agree more!

“Truly be unapologetic about who you are, and what you want,” she's quoted saying. “Demand what you want. You dictate your path.”

Congratulations, Ms. Moore. Onward!


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