NYU Wagner Launches New Specialization in Advocacy & Political Action

Professor David Elcott
Professor David Elcott

NYU Wagner’s commitment to the next generation of public service leaders across all professional sectors and disciplines expands this year with the launch of a new specialization—Advocacy and Political Action—for students who are seeking a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy (PNP).

The Advocacy and Political Action specialization prepares students to increase their impact and create meaningful change in the arenas of civic engagement, political, and advocacy.

“America and the world need passionate and well-trained activists to run for office, manage political campaigns, lead, or even found organizations and movements that can be a source of health and repair amid divisiveness and polarization,” said Professor David Elcott, who helms the specialization in Advocacy and Political Action. “We are proud to offer a wide and deep range of courses and experiences to prepare our students to bring about lasting, positive change.”

Students will begin with an opportunity to study strategic communications, advocacy, and organizing, while building on the strong foundation in management, finance, and policy they receive through NYU Wagner’s core coursework.  

They will then develop deep knowledge in the specific issue area they most care about through a variety of electives, and understand how to apply their learnings to issue campaigns, grassroots organizing, lobbying, and political campaigns. Each student will bring these skills into the field through Advocacy Lab and Capstone—working with real-world organizations.

Students in the new specialization will graduate prepared to organize members of their community, lead a nonprofit issue advocacy campaign, run for elected office, and be a catalyst for social improvement around the world.

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