NYU Wagner’s 2019 Cultural Day

A screen shows facts about South Africa.

By Mikeala Sparks (MUP, International Development)


Every year the Wagner International Student Society (WISS) hosts an interactive and enriching event to allow students to share their diverse cultural heritage from all corners of the Earth. The goal is to not only come together in celebration but to recognize every individual’s connection to one another by accepting the richness in human connection.

This year’s event welcomed three presenters who shared their cultures with tongue twisters, traditional foods, arts, and crafts. To start off the evening Nipho Msibi (MPA) presented on her home country, South Africa, providing a brief history and a fun series of tongue twisters to get students engaged. In addition to foods from around the world, Lilian Aluri (MPA) brought homemade South-Indian snacks to share with the group. Finally, Mikeala Sparks (MUP) led participants through a crafting activity that taught Native American beliefs surrounding the medicine wheel.


Participants doing a crafting activity.

Music, dancing, and merriment were all themes of the evening, and the annual event hopes to continue the celebration of rich cultural diversity within the NYU Wagner student body.

Learn more and connect with WISS student leaders by visiting the Wagner International Student Society webpage.