Student Spotlight: Brian Edward Libed (EMPA)

Picture of Brian Edward Libed

Name: Brian Edward Libed

Hometown: I was born and grew up in Manila, Philippines; I have lived in New York for most of my life.

NYU Wagner Program/Specialization: Executive Master of Public Administration—Nurse Leader

Current employment: Certified Home Hemodialysis Nurse




1. Tell us about yourself.

I am a family-oriented and spiritual person. My friends find me to be a people-person who loves to travel and embrace different cultures. God is the source of my strength, and I have a pocket full of happy memories with my family and friends. Playing tennis and practicing Bikram yoga, not to mention great brunches, keep me in the zone when things don’t go my way.


2. What are you currently working on? Can you describe the project or work you would like to highlight?


I am working with a team that runs the Home Hemodialysis program at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. I’m passionate about educating hemodialysis patients and providing their care partners with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their hemodialysis treatments in the privacy of their homes. My fulfilment comes from the success of bringing patients back to their homes and cultivating a close and therapeutic relationship with them.


3. What NYU Wagner experiences have helped you the most with this project or work?


NYU Wagner is a community of excellent professors, students, and staff who are essential to building my confidence to deal with personal and professional challenges. The theoretical knowledge I learn combined with team-building skills I am acquiring makes me an even better team player at work.


4. Can you recall a memorable in-class or general NYU Wagner experience that struck you as particularly meaningful?


My most memorable experience may not be a happy one but was a big boost in building my character. I had a family emergency last fall and was fearful of not succeeding in my master’s program. Professor John Donnellan and Scott Statland, my faculty and program advisor respectively, were instrumental in putting my student perspective on track. This challenge early on has made me the resilient student that I am now.

Special thanks to Professor Martha Stark for her effective teaching in financial management. I also appreciate Anu Gupta and Preston Dula for their sincere efforts to help their students.


5. What is something about your identity that has impacted the way you approach public service?


I love embracing different cultures, especially when I travel. Understanding the core of what makes us unique and individual creates a track of productivity and solidarity and builds emotional intelligence in different situations that I encounter.  


6. What is your favorite spot on campus or at The Puck Building where you feel inspired or simply enjoy working?


Every time I leave the Bobst Library, as I walk toward the West 4th subway station, I never miss the opportunity to look to my right and appreciate the beauty of the Empire State Building and the Washington Square Arch—and to my left, pay respect to the One World Trade Center building.


7. What’s next for you?


I look forward to the opportunity to become a nurse educator and leader in healthcare and global public service.