Student Spotlight: Joshua Yoo (MSPP)

Headshot of Joshua Yoo



Name: Joshua Yoo

Hometown: Schaumburg, Illinois

NYU Wagner program and specialization: MSPP

Current employment/internship: Red Cross – Community Relations




1. Tell us about yourself:

My name is Joshua Yoo, and I am an MSPP student at NYU Wagner. Before coming to NYU Wagner, I worked as a high school chemistry teacher in Newark, NJ with Teach for America. Though I loved working with my students, I wanted to play a larger role in education reform, which is why I decided to study public policy here at NYU.

2. What experiences at NYU Wagner helped you in your search for an internship or job?

The NYU Wagner network helped most with my search for an internship. The hiring manager I spoke to at the New York Red Cross was actually an NYU Wagner alum and I think that helped me immensely in the process.

3. Can you recall a memorable NYU Wagner experience that struck you as particularly meaningful?

NYU Wagner has many great faculty members, but I had an especially great experience in Financial Management with Professor Travis St. Clair. He did a wonderful job making financial management easily accessible by presenting the content clearly and allowing us to practice meaningfully in class.

4. What is something about your identity that has impacted the way you approach public service?

My teaching experience has definitely had the most impact. Seeing the impact that zip code can have on the quality of public education inspired me to enter the field of public service. Students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, should have access to an outstanding education, and I wish to use the skills that I learn at NYU Wagner to tackle this issue in the future