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05/02/2016 Advancing Collective Leadership: The experience of the NYU Leadership Initiative

The field of leadership studies has made a decided shift to embracing more collective forms of leadership. Theories of distributed leadership, shared leadership, relational leadership, co-leadership abound in the literature as well as the popular press. Increasingly, we even hear corporate leaders touting the value of team-based leadership and distributed decision-making. Yet, we still focus the vast majority of our leadership development investments in individuals and their skills. How might we advance collective leadership capacity? That is the question the NYU Leadership Initiative has taken up through the development of its various offerings for students across NYU. Come hear about their approach and what they are learning and contribute your ideas to help further their work.

04/29/2016 How Big Data Discriminates

How does technology impact opportunities for participation in public life?
Big data can help us make amazing predictions and contribute to evidence-based decisions, but it does so by setting complex rules and processes—algorithms—that can also perpetuate existing bias, discrimination, and inequity. Algorithms can affect individuals’ ability to benefit from public services, alter their experience in the justice system, and even change their odds of finding a job. The NYU Politics Society, WagnerTech, and SCJR will host a panel on how the increasing use of data and algorithms in government and public and private organizations can create disparate impact, unintentionally discriminating against underrepresented groups.
Speakers will discuss how and why algorithms discriminate, examples of unintended consequences, and possible solutions.

Solon Barocas, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University
Robyn Caplan, Research Analyst, Data & Society
Ben Casselman, Chief Economics Writer, FiveThirtyEight
Hanna Wallach, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research NYC & Adjunct Associate Professor, UMass Amherst
Moderator: Meredith Broussard, Assistant Professor, NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute

04/28/2016 The Politics of Memory: Shadows of the Past on Indonesia’s Democracy

Indonesia has just been the guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and a series of recent novels that revolve around the mass killings of 1965, one of the worst massacres since World War II, carried the highest honors. One of Indonesia’s most accomplished writers and journalist, Leila S. Chudori will discuss the significance of the renewed attention on 1965 and what it means for Indonesia’s struggling but vibrant democracy. She will also talk about her own writing and how it fits in Indonesia’s contested and lively cultural life.
Leila S. Chudori's latest novel, Home, has just been published in English by Deep Vellum. Home is a literary breakthrough since it revolves around the mass killing of 1965, a long-taboo subject. Home received the prestigious Khatulistiwa Literary Prize. Chudori works at Tempo, Indonesia’s foremost news magazine, and has published two collections of short stories.
  Copies of Home will be available for sale and a reception follows the event.

*Goenawan Mohamad was originally scheduled to be a part of this event but has had to cancel his attendance due to illness.

04/27/2016 Henry Hart Rice Urban Policy Forum: Detroit Rising? Crisis, Bankruptcy, and Reinvention

Detroit is the largest American municipality to have declared bankruptcy. Leading urban historian, Detroit native, and NYU Professor Thomas Sugrue will examine the roots of the city’s fiscal crisis; the implications for urban finance, pensions, and the future of American cities; and the opportunities and obstacles that Detroit faces in restructuring, redeveloping, and reorganizing.

Join us for an engrossing conversation with Thomas J. Sugrue, a prize-winning twentieth-century American historian, and Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and History at NYU Arts and Sciences.

04/26/2016 Debates of the Century @NYU Wagner: National Security vs. Privacy

NYU Wagner and The Century Foundation are proud to present Debates of the Century @NYU Wagner, a public debate series showcasing thoughtful, informed dialogue from experts on the most vital national policy issues. The Spring 2016 Debate Series will focus on higher education, immigration, and privacy and security.

Some people believe the recent dispute between the FBI and Apple over a locked iPhone marks the return of what privacy advocates called thecrypto wars of the 1990s, when federal authorities tried and failed to mandate government access to most forms of electronic communication. Although the FBI managed to decrypt the iPhone at issue without the company's help, Apple and others are racing to build devices and messaging services that no one but their owners can unlock. The legal question remains unresolved in Congress, where competing bills have been introduced, and in dozens of cases pending in state and federal courts.

Law enforcement agencies believe their vital mission requires compulsory access, under valid court order, to any device or communications stream. Leading technology companies (backed by some other U.S. government voices) say they cannot meet law enforcement demands without undermining customer security and privacy against hackers and foreign adversaries. Edward Snowden and Fareed Zakaria disagree on which course better serves society at large. Should companies be required to break into their own encrypted products, and should they be allowed to sell encryption that no one can break? Learn more.

Resolution: Government should have lawful access to any encrypted message or device, featuring:

For the Motion: Fareed Zakaria, Host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, Author, and Journalist

Against the Motion: Edward Snowden

Moderated by Barton Gellman, Author, Journalist, The Century Foundation Senior Fellow

Tickets: $20.00 General Admission The event is currently sold out. If you are still interested in attending, please sign up via Eventbrite for the waitlist and you will contacted should additional tickets become available. You can also register via Eventbrite for the free livestream of the event; livestream details will be emailed the week of April 25.


04/26/2016 Ask Me Anything! Chat with an Admissions Officer

This is your chance to ask any question you may have about NYU Wagner and receive candid responses from admissions staff. An Admissions officer will be on hand to answer questions about submitting the application, GRE score and recommendation letter timing, the application fee and much more. The format will be very informal.

04/26/2016 Ask Me Anything! Chat with an Admissions Officer

This is your chance to ask any question you may have about NYU Wagner and receive candid responses from admissions staff. An Admissions officer will be on hand to answer questions about submitting the application, GRE score and recommendation letter timing, the application fee and much more. The format will be very informal.

04/22/2016 The UN Session on Drugs: Outcomes and Perspectives

From April 19-21, the UN will host a Special Session of the General Assembly on the World Drug Problem that will include major challenges to conventional approaches to drug policy. Join Aram Barra (Global EMPA 2015) of Mexico Unido Contra La Delincuencia and Stephen Rolles, Senior Policy Analyst at Transform Drug Policy Foundation for an engaging roundtable discussion that recaps the outcomes of the special session, the current terrain of drug policy debates and the future of the "war on drugs," and perspectives on the path to a new Political Declaration on drugs in 2019. 

04/21/2016 Dispelling Myths and Misconceptions on International Drug Policy: A Student Roundtable Discussion with Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield

Ambassador Brownfield was sworn in as Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) on January 10, 2011. As Assistant Secretary for INL, he is responsible for State Department programs combating illicit drugs and organized crime, as well as support for law enforcement and rule of law. INL currently manages a portfolio of more than $4 billion in more than 80 countries administered by 5000 employees and contractors.
Prior to his appointment, Ambassador Brownfield served as U.S. Ambassador to Colombia from 2007 to 2010. Prior to that, he served as U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela (2004-07) and U.S. Ambassador to Chile (2002-04). He has also served overseas in Venezuela, El Salvador, Argentina, Switzerland, and Panama as temporary Political Adviser to the U.S. Southern Command.
In Washington his jobs have included Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, Director for Policy and Coordination in INL, Executive Assistant to the Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, Member of the Secretary’s Policy Planning Staff, and Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Political Affairs.
Ambassador Brownfield holds the personal rank of Career Ambassador, the highest rank in the U.S. Foreign Service. He has received the Secretary of State’s Distinguished Service Award and the Presidential Performance Award three times. Ambassador Brownfield is a graduate of Cornell University (1974) and the National War College (1993). He attended the University of Texas School of Law (1976-78). He speaks Spanish and French. He is a native of the State of Texas.

04/19/2016 NYU Wagner Recent Alumni Panel

Come learn more about the NYU Wagner community and experience from recent alumni. There will be a number of alumni who will speak about their path to graduate school and what they are doing now in their public service careers. There will be plenty of time for questions.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - Brooklyn Community Services (BCS)

Volunteers will help maintain the garden by weeding, making plant beds, planting, composting, molding and pruning.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - Bowery Mission

Volunteers are invited to serve the lunch meal at the East Harlem Men’s Center, where men who were previously homeless are now involved in their Life Transformation Program. Please note, you must be 18 years or over to participate in this project.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - Chinatown Partnership

Participants will be assisting with beautification around Chinatown in preparation for an Earth Day Celebration.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - Curb Your Litter

Neighborhood cleanup day during which volunteers will pick up litter from Greenpoint’s streets and sidewalks.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - East Harlem School

Volunteers will help students in grades 4-8 with their homework.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - Association to Benefit Children

Volunteers will work alongside ABC staff to engage children of all ages (1 to 18) in arts & crafts, sports, baking, theater arts, and free play. Volunteers must be 18 and over.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - New Women New Yorkers

After a brief training session on speaking about the mission and programs of New Women New Yorkers, participants will break into smaller groups to accompany various members of the NWNY LEAD staff to different locations around NYC. They will do on the ground outreach including flyering, and speaking to potential partners and participants to help spread the word about their organizations and programs. Please note, you must be 18 years of age or over to participate in this project.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - Food Bank for New York City

Participants will be sorting food and health supplies that will be shipped directly to food banks and community kitchens across the 5 boroughs.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - Harlem Grown

Volunteers will get a tour of the Harlem Grown Farm and then help with activities such as stirring/turning compost, watering, and weeding. Please make sure you are wearing pants you don’t mind getting dirty, closed toed shoes, and don’t forget sunscreen! The farm requests that you bring your own refillable water bottles as they will have a water cooler on site.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - New York City Campaign Finance Board

Help register voters in Queens for the primary and general elections.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - 7Train Murals

Join 7Train Mural for their inaugural “Adopt-a-Mailbox” program, where you will be helping to apply new coats of green and blue paint on vandalized and weathered mailboxes in Manhattan zip codes 10001 and 10018

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - Fortune Society

Participants will help organize the library, sort donated clothing, and research educational resources.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - La Plaza Cultural

Build a frog habitat and bio filter for La Plaza Cultural’s new pond.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - NYC Parks

More information to come.

04/16/2016 Wagner Day of Service - 2016 - City Harvest

Help City Harvest distribute fresh produce free of charge in a farmer’s market setting to residents of the community.