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Exploring the intersection of art and public service

NYU Wagner at the Puck Building is home to the Gallery Space at Wagner. Our mission is to bring artwork into a publicly accessible workspace in order to further engage the NYU community and external audiences in dialogues on contemporary art, culture, and public service. In exploring this intersectionality, we prioritize projects and partnerships that foster human rights advocacy, social justice, political activism and that promote the equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) values of the School at large. 

Since its debut in November 2005, the Gallery Space has hosted a variety of dynamic and innovative exhibits featuring both established and emerging artists. Painting, drawing, photography, pottery, collage, textiles, printmaking, digital video, and mixed-media are among the multifarious disciplines showcased in the space. 

Current Exhibit

Living Untouchable: Dalit Women in South Asia — Photography by Sara Hylton

Spring 2018 

Living Untouchable: Dalit Women in South Asia — Photography by Sara Hylton

On view through August 15 

Caste-based discrimination is a human rights issue affecting more than 260 million people globally, the majority of whom are Dalits living across South Asia. Dalit women and girls are one of the most vulnerable and at-risk groups, as they experience the weight of their caste with the triple burden of caste, class, and gender. Over the course of several years, Sara Hylton has been able to access a wide spectrum of stories from Dalit women in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. With a naturalistic approach to portraiture and landscape photography, her Dalit series explores issues of intersectional discrimination and inequity, while at the same time poignantly capturing her subjects with a deep sense of dignity and intimacy.

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Foreigner — Photography and short film by Daniel Castro Garcia 

Fall 2017 

Foreigner — Photography and short film by Daniel Castro Garcia 

The selected works are part of John Radcliffe Studio’s ongoing multimedia project documenting the experiences of refugees and migrants from the Middle East and North Africa arriving in Europe. The series originated in response to the sensationalist and violence-infused coverage of these communities by the European media.

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Frankie Crescioni-Santoni, Curator 


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