Choices at a Critical Junction: New York's Mobility and Highway Infrastructure Needs for 2005-2010

Schaller, B. Read more

Response, Restoration and Recovery: September 11 and New York City's Digital Networks

Moss, M. Read more

The Resolving Conflict Creatively Program: A School-Based Social and Emotional Learning Program

Brown, J.L., Roderick, T., Lantieri, L. & Aber, J.L. Read more

Estimating the Effects of September 11th and Other Forms of Violence on the Mental Health and Social Development of New York City’s Youth: A Matter of Context

Aber, J.L., E. Gershoff, A. Ware & J. Kotler. Read more

How Telecommunications is Shaping Urban Spaces

Moss, M. & Townsend, A. Read more

Following the Money: Using Expenditure Analysis as an Evaluation Tool

Brecher, C., Silver, D. & Weitzman, B.C. Read more

Mass Transit Infrastructure and Urban Health

Zimmerman, R. Read more

At Capacity: The Need for More Rail Access to the Manhattan CBD

Scanlon, R. & Seeley, E. Read more

Virtual District, Real Improvement: A Retrospective Evaluation of the Chancellor's District, 1996-2003

Phenix, D., Siegel, D., Zaltsman, A. & Fruchter, N. Read more

Gender and the Treatment of Heart Disease in Older Persons in the United States, France and England: A Comparative, Population-Based View of a Clinical Phenomenon

Weisz, D., Rodwin, V.G. & Gusmano, M.K. Read more
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