Next Generation Leadership Alumni Network

About the Program

The Rockefeller Foundation created the Next Generation Leadership (NGL) program in 1997 out of a commitment to building a stronger, more sustainable democracy for the United States. Between, 1996 and 2003, five "cohorts" of leaders were selected to participate in the program. The program sought to develop solutions to major challenges of democracy, including issues of race, changing demographics, the digital divide and globalization. Since 2004, the NGL program has focused on further strengthening the network of NGL alumni, and is not selecting new Fellows for the program.

The Participants
The participants in NGL (now called the "NGL program alumni") received the NGL award from the Rockefeller Foundation because of outstanding individual achievement and demonstrated leadership skills. The NGL alumni are diverse in race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, and represent different economic backgrounds and ideological perspectives. They work in many fields and sectors, including business, government, law unions, non-profit organizations, religion, the military, media, and the arts.