BA-MPA and BA-MUP with College of Arts and Science

Deep passions don’t tend to be patient. Yes, you know a four-year liberal arts education makes an excellent foundation for a job in public service. But, you also know a master’s degree can give you the professional skills and tools you’ll need to build a career with impact. Together, it’s long road. But it doesn’t have to be. Set your desire to make the world a better place into motion with a BA-MPA or BA-MUP offered by NYU Wagner in partnership with the NYU College of Arts and Science (CAS). 

CAS students who are least three semesters (one for transfer students) into their undergraduate degree can apply for dual degree program. Interested? Submit the Pre-Application to the College of Arts and Science for consideration.


Adrienne Smith, Undergraduate Studies Administrator, NYU Wagner

Brendan Sullivan, Associate Director of Juniors and Inter-School Programs, CAS


NYU Wagner Core Course Undergraduate Course Equivalents

CORE-GP 1011 Statistical Methods

BIOL-UA 42 Biostatistics

CORE-UA 105, Quantitative Reasoning: Statistics

ECON-UA 18, Statistics

ENVST-UA 310, Environmental Quantitative Methods

POL-UA 800, Quantitative Methods in Political Science

POL-UA 850, Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science

PSYCH-UA 10, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

SOC-UA 302, Statistics for Social Research

UGPH-GU 20, Biostatistics for Public Health

UPADM-GP 111, Quantitative Analysis for Public Policy

CORE-GP 1018 Microeconomics

ECON-UA 1, Introduction to Macroeconomics and ECON-UA 2, Introduction to Microeconomics;


ECI-UF 1001, Principles of Macroeconomics and ECI-UF 2, Principles of Microeconomics


ECON-UA 10, Intermediate Microeconomics

CORE-GP 1020 Management and Leadership

UPADM-GP 103, Introduction to Managing Public Service Organizations*

CORE-GP 1021 Financial Management

No undergraduate course equivalent

CORE-GP 1022 Introduction to Public Policy**

POL-UA 300, Power and Politics in America

POL-UA 306, Public Policy

POL-UA 354, Politics of Administrative Law

SCA-UA 232, Law and Urban Problems

UPADM-GP 101, Politics of Public Policy*

* UPADM-GP 101, 111, & 103 are NYU Wagner undergraduate courses.

**Not required for MUP degree


After completing your undergraduate degree, you may choose to defer your enrollment for up to two years in order to gain additional experience.