Our Faculty

The heart of NYU Wagner's programs is our faculty. Premier scholars in a variety of disciplines—economics, finance, sociology, political science, law, planning, healthcare, and more—our faculty members conceive new answers to ambitious social questions.

Faculty Research and Publications

Time to take hearing loss seriously

J Blustein, M Wallhagen, B Weinstein, J Chodosh

Economics, Third Edition. Microeconomics / Macroeconomics

Jonathan Morduch and Dean Karlan

Transportation During Coronavirus in NYC

Sarah M. Kaufman, Mitchell L. Moss, Kelsey B. McGuinness, Nicholas R. Cowan, Charles E. Rudner, Olivia Limone, Jenee Malloy, Josh Koh, Katherine Rivard, and Rachel Wise

Green Moral Hazards

Gernot Wagner and Daniel Zizzamia

Faculty Videos