Designing a Job Training and Career Readiness Program for Footsteps Participants

Client: Footsteps
Faculty: Sara Grant, Merle McGee
Team: Avi Herring, Becca Linden, Tiana Khazary, Justin Rosen Smolen, Ruthie Warshenbrot
Year: 2012
Footsteps provides educational, vocational, social, and emotional support to men and women seeking to explore the world beyond the insular ultra-orthodox communities in which they were raised. Although Footsteps offers informal job readiness support, many participants do not know how to look for a job and struggle to hold onto jobs once they obtain them. To address this issue, the team conducted an environmental scan, as well as created reference guides and an overview of best practices. The team also conducted a needs assessment by engaging in interviews with Footsteps staff and participants, partner agency staff, and other NYC organizations providing job-related services. In addition, the team created and distributed a survey to Footsteps participants. Based on this extensive research, the team designed a job training/career readiness program, including the production of a logic model, program activities, program budget, and performance metrics.