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Communication Skills for Public Service

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The goal of the course is to help students get the most out of every form of communication: to change minds with the written word, win allies in person, to sway audiences in presentations, and to get what they want out of the various forms of communication most common in the careers of recent NYU Wagner graduates.  Students will work both individually and collaboratively on a series of communications deliverables including: 1) Issue Briefs; 2) Memos; 3) Oral Presentations; 4) Press Releases; 5) Talking Points; 6) one-pagers; 7) Podcast; 7) A short video; and 8) A final unified campaign putting much of these forms together to enact a change you are passionate about. Each work product will be treated as a case study with specific audiences and a well-defined purpose.


CORE-GP.1020 and CORE-GP.1022 or URPL-GP.2660

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