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Data Visualization and Presentation

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We live in an increasingly technical and data-rich world in which seemingly simple representations draw attention to or obscure complex realities. Data has the potential to inform decision-making and influence public or corporate policy. When situated with appropriate context, visualized data has the power to change the world. Increasingly, nonprofits and agencies ask workers to compile data and design visualizations as a way to advance a cause or spread a message. In this hands ­on introduction to data visualization and presentation, we will focus on finding data from public sources, cleaning and structuring it, then circulating visualizations on blogs, social media, or other online platforms. We will focus on developing the skills of data literacy and advocacy. Our learning will take place through a sequence of blog posts and a pair of projects that invite students to frame a problem or a question related to their career, find data, create visualizations, and finally embed those products within a narrative on an online medium.