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Data Visualization and Storytelling

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In our increasingly data-reliant and data-saturated society, people who understand how to leverage data to generate insights have the power to change the world. Data visualization and storytelling is a crucial skill for policy and data analysts, communications and marketing professionals, and managers and decision-makers within nonprofits, social organizations and the government. With the advent of visualization tools that do not require coding, data storytelling is also an attainable skillset for people with varying levels of technical ability.

This hands-on introductory course will teach students how to develop meaningful data stories that make visual insights accessible for relevant audiences. Students will learn how to utilize Tableau, the industry standard in data visualization tools, to make sense of and visualize publicly available data. Students will leave the course having an online portfolio of data visualization projects that demonstrate the application of data storytelling in their preferred context.


CORE-GP 1011