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Managing Financial and Social Returns of the Social Enterprise

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This course will explore best and evolving practices in the financial management and impact measurement of social enterprises.  The class will be taught from the perspective of the social entrepreneur and social enterprise manager and introduce cases to assess financial challenges, fiscal performance and financing strategy of pioneering firms with a social mission.  We will explore trends, successes and failures in managing enterprises to achieve both financial and social returns.  Measuring social impact in tandem with financial performance will be a core component of the course with topics including triple bottom line accounting, impact measurement, impact reporting and correlation between operating performance and impact sustainability.  Students will be introduced to accounting and reporting methods necessary to responsibly calculate and communicate financial and social returns to investors and stakeholders. This course will delve into the financial, operational and strategic management of social enterprises in domestic and international settings including developing nations. 


CORE-GP.1021; PADM-GP.4130 concurrently


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