Social & Public Policy Minor

Addressing and understanding social policy in areas ranging from education, health, and immigration to social entrepreneurship and the arts is at the heart of the Wagner School enterprise. Drawing on this traditional strength, undergraduates electing the joint Wagner-College of Arts and Science Social and Public Policy minor will receive a broad introduction to social policy-making. They can then choose from among courses covering specific areas of social policy. Whether students plan to pursue careers in the policy arena or merely remain engaged citizens, the Social and Public Policy minor provides a sturdy foundation.


Students must complete a total of 16 credits for the minor within these guidelines:

Choose one of the following (4 credits):

UPADM-GP 101, The Politics of Public Policy

UPADM-GP 102, Introduction to Social Impact

Choose three of the following (4 credits):

UPADM-GP.140, The Economics of Public Policy
UPADM-GP.215, The Politics of New York
UPADM-GP.216, Identity, Diversity, and Public Policy
UPADM-GP.217, Sustainable Urban Development
UPADM-GP.219, Race, Class & Gender in American Cities
UPADM-GP.236, Topics in Health: Policy, Politics, and Power
UPADM-GP.263, Public Policy and the Arts
UPADM-GP.269, How to Change the World: Advocacy Movements and Social Innovation

ECON-UA.208, Policy Ideas in the History of Economic Thought

ECON-UA.227, Urban Economics

POL-UA 306, Public Policy

POL-UA.382, Politics of Poverty and Welfare

POL-UA.570, Political and Economic Development in Comparative Perspective: China & Russia

SOC-UA.510, Contemporary Social Problems


Adrienne Smith, Undergraduate Studies Administrator, NYU Wagner

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