Social Entrepreneurship Minor

2,500 years ago Greek philosopher Heraclitus noted that one never steps into the same river twice (i.e. we live in a world of change).  Nothing could be more apropos for the current environment we live in today.  The heart of entrepreneurship isn't about how to merely survive in a world of change, it is about how to flourish in such a world.  The joint Stern/Wagner minor in Social Entrepreneurship gives students the fundamental background to flourish in the changing worldwhile focusing their energy on some of the most pressing social and environmental issues facing us today.  Students can choose from a selection of rigorous course offerings, taught by both schools, to learn the basics of entrepreneurship from both a theoretical and practical point of view and in the context of both for-profit and nonprofit enterprises.  The courses are aimed to be experiential in nature where students are presented real world problems and design their own real world solutions.


All students must complete a minimum of four courses to satisfy the inter-school minor requirements: an introductory course, a practicum course, and at least two additional courses (one from each school). Stern undergraduate students cannot double-count required business core or major courses toward this minor. A minimum of 14 total credits is required. Students must take at least 6 credits at each school. This means that if the introductory course is taken at Stern (-UB), the practicum course must be taken at Wagner (-GP), and vice versa.

Choose one Introductory course:

UPADM-GP 265, Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship: Problem Solving and Integration (4 credits)

BSPA-UB 41 Social Entrepreneurship (3 credits) [formerly MULT-UB 41]

Choose one Practicum course:

UPADM-GP 267, Social Entrepreneurship Incubator & Practicum (4 credits)

BSPA-UB 70, Social Innovation Practicum (3 credits)

MULT-UB 301, Launch!: Business Start-up Seminar (3 credits)

BSPA-UB 2000, Stern International Volunteers: Ghana (3 credits) [open only to Stern students]

BSPA-UB 103, Experiential Learning Seminar:  Social Impact Consulting (3 credits)

NOTE: If the introductory course is taken at Stern (-UB), the practicum course must be taken at Wagner (-GP), and vice versa

Choose one of the following Stern courses:

BSPA-UB 43, Economic Inequality: Perspectives & Practices (3 credits)

BSPA-UB 44, Sustainable Business and the New Economy (3 credits)

BSPA-UB 45, Sustainability Impact Consulting in Costa Rica (3 credits)  [open only to Stern students]

BSPA-UB 68, Sustainability for Competitive Advantage (3 credits)

BSPA-UB 103, Experiential Learning Seminar:  Social Impact Consulting (3 credits)

BSPA-UB 2000, Stern International Volunteers Ghana (3 credits) [open only to Stern students]

MGMT-UB 1 (or MGMT-UB.9001), Management & Organizational Analysis (4 credits) [Stern students may not count this course towards the minor if it was also taken as part of their business core or major]

MGMT-UB 7, Managing People and Teams (3 credits)

MGMT-UB 25, Managing Change (3 credits)

MGMT-UB 85, Patterns of Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

MULT-UB 86, Entrepreneurship & Law in Practice (2 credits)

Choose one of the following Wagner Courses:

UPADM-GP.101, The Politics of Public Policy
UPADM-GP.102, Introduction to Social Impact
UPADM-GP.217, Sustainable Urban Development
UPADM-GP.242, The Business of Nonprofit Management
UPADM-GP.267, Social Entrepreneurship Incubator & Practicum
UPADM-GP.269, How to Change the World: Advocacy Movements and Social Innovation

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Adrienne Smith, Undergraduate Studies Administrator, NYU Wagner

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