FAQs: Doctoral Program

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What types of advisement are available to Wagner doctoral students?

Upon entry into the program, all new students are assigned a faculty advisor who shares common research interests and will further help the student organize a study plan. When a student completes the requisite coursework and comprehensive exams, s/he will begin work on the dissertation under the guidance of a dissertation advisor.

What does the doctoral admission committee look for?

Very few students are admitted to the Doctoral Program. The admissions process is designed to identify those applicants who are most likely to succeed in their studies and their careers and for whom there is a good match between their interests and those of the faculty. Decisions are not based on one single indicator.

What type of financial aid is available for the Wagner Doctoral Program?

PhD students who do not come with their own funding receive a four-year research apprenticeship (or equivalent), which carries full tuition remission, a stipend, student health insurance and a $1,000 start-up grant. No additional application materials are required for consideration.

Is student housing available to PhD students?

A limited amount of housing is available. Apartments are available only to matriculated, full-time students. Both furnished and unfurnished apartments are available. Generally, university housing for couples is not available unless both will be matriculated at NYU.

What types of teaching opportunities are available to Wagner doctoral students?

An important feature of the Wagner Doctoral Program is the wide range of opportunities for students to obtain the skills and experience necessary to become effective teachers. There are opportunities for doctoral students to work with full-time faculty as tutors, teaching assistants and, eventually, as primary instructors in courses in the master's curriculum.

What types of career will the Wagner Doctoral Program Prepare me for?

The program prepares graduates for careers at academic institutions, in think tanks, research firms, and research units of public, quasi-public and private organizations, as well as for other positions with substantial responsibilities for the supervision and administration of research.

Do I need strong quantitative skills to be admitted to the Wagner PhD program?

Yes, you are expected to have prior quantitative coursework and/or strong quantitative GRE scores. You must complete an econometrics/statistics course covering multiple regression prior to beginning the program. As part of the program, you will take advanced courses in both qualitative and quantitative methods.