I'm registered for a Wagner course. Can I take it Pass/Fail?

At CAS, any elective course may be graded pass/fail. Students are limited to one pass/fail course every semester, which is a maximum of 32 credits over four years. In practice, it is inadvisable to take too many pass/fail courses. Students may request pass/fail for a course before the completion of the fifth week of the term; after that time, the decision cannot be initiated or changed. No grade other than P or F will be recorded for those students choosing this option. P includes the grades of A, B, C, and D and is not counted towards the grade point average. F, however, is counted towards the average. The pass/fail option is not accepted for courses in a student’s major or minor or in the Morse Academic Plan. The form for declaring the pass/fail option may be obtained in the College Advising Center (905 Silver Center).