Aligning Ideologies and Institutions: Reorganization in the HIV/AIDS Services Administration of New York City

Kimberley Isett, Michael Sparer, Sherry Glied and Lawrence Brown
Public Administration Review, 2011. Volume 71 / Issue 02 / March 2011, pp 243–252, Published online

How effective was organizational reform implemented inside one critical New York City health agency? Specifically, we examine the extent to which the reorganization of the HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) into the Medical Insurance Services Administration (MICSA) achieved three goals: (1) realizing synergies among the component MICSA programs; (2) cross-fertilizing ideas among MICSA agencies; and (3) facilitating HASA operations through the lens of organization change theory. Qualitative methods including interviews, site visits, and document analysis triangulate the effects of the reorganization. Implications for organization change literature are explored, especially highlighting where more theoretical and empirical studies are needed.

Wagner Faculty