Collaborative Off-line Reflection: A Way to Develop Skill in Action Science and Action Inquiry

Rudolph, J. & Taylor, S., Foldy, E.G.
Handbook of Action Research. Edited by Reason, P. and H. Bradbury. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications,

Handbook of Action Research draws together the different strands of action research, reveals their diverse applications and demonstrates their interrelations. The text articulates an emergent, participatory worldview that will challenge the modernist paradigm and value system.

This far-reaching volume, in illustrating the latest approaches in social inquiry, moves the field forward with innovative insights and participatory practices. It grapples with questions of how to integrate knowledge with action, how to collaborate with co-researchers in the field, and how to present the necessarily "messy" components of such participative research in a coherent fashion. The organization of the volume reflects the many different issues and levels of analysis represented.


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