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Do Economically Integrated Neighborhoods Have Economically Integrated Schools?

Ingrid Ellen, Amy Allen Schwartz, Leanna Stiefel Read more

What Do AEFA Members Say? Summary of Results of an Education Finance and Policy Survey

Stiefel, Amy Ellen Schwartz and Anne Rotenberg Read more

Mission Matters: The Cost of Small High Schools Revisited

Stiefel, L., Schwartz, A.E., Iatarola, P. & Chellman, C. Read more

Power, Safety and Learning in Racially Diverse Groups

Foldy, E.G. Buckley, T.R. & Rivard. P. Read more

"Understanding the Political Context of 'New' Policy Issues: The Use of the Advocacy Coalition Framework in the Case of Expanded After-School Programs"

Brecher, C., Brazill, C., Silver, D. & Weitzman, B.C. Read more

Power Reduces the Press of the Situation: Implications for Creativity, Conformity, and Dissonance

Galinsky, A.D., Magee, J.C., Gruenfeld, D.H., Whitson, J. & Liljenquist, K. Read more

How Personalized and Socialized Power Motivation Facilitate Antisocial and Prosocial Decision-Making

Magee, J.C. & Langner, C.A. Read more

Immigration and Urban Schools: The Dynamics of Demographic Change in the Nation's Largest School District

O'Regan, K. & Ellen, I.G., Conger, D. Read more

Measuring Equity and Adequacy in School Finance

Downes, T. & Stiefel, L. Read more

Can Public Schools Close the Race Gap? Probing the Evidence in a Large Urban School District

Stiefel, L., Schwartz, A.E., Gould & I.E. Read more

From Districts to Schools: The Distribution of Resources across Schools in Big City School Districts

Rubenstein, R. & Schwartz, A.E., Stiefel, L. Read more
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