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Technology in Medical Education—Osler Meets Watson

Colbert, J.A., and D. Chokshi Read more

Connecting the Dots: Interprofessional Health Education and Delivery System Redesign at the Veterans Health Administration

Gilman, S.C., D. Chokshi, J.L. Bowen, K.W. Rugen, and M. Cox Read more

Teaching About Health Disparities Using a Social Determinants Framework

Chokshi, D. Read more

Closing the Access Gap for Health Innovations: an Open Licensing Proposal for Universities

Chaifetz, S., D. Chokshi, R. Rajkumar, D. Scales, and Y. Benkler Read more

Leveraging University Research to Advance Global Health

Chokshi, D., and R. Rajkumar Read more

Improving Access to Medicines in Poor Countries: The Role of Universities

Chokshi, D. Read more

The Other Danger...Scholasticism in Academic Research

Mead, L. Read more

What Happens to Potential Discouraged? Masculinity Norms and the Contrasting Institutional and Labor Market Experiences of Less affluent Black and White Men

Royster, D. Read more

Where, When, Why, and For Whom Do Residential Contexts Matter? Moving Away from the Dichotomous Understanding of Neighborhood Effects

Sharkey, P., and J. Faber Read more

The Effect of Local Violence on Children’s Attention and Impulse Control

Sharkey, P., N. Strayer, A. Papachristos, and C. Raver Read more

Converging Evidence for Neighborhood Effects on Children’s Test Scores: An Experimental, Quasi-Experimental, and Observational Comparison

Burdick-Will, J., J. Ludwig, S. Raudenbush, R. Sampson, L. Sanbonmatsu, and P. Sharkey Read more

Durable Effects of Concentrated Disadvantage on Verbal Ability among African-American Children

Sampson, R.J., P. Sharkey, and S. Raudenbush Read more
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