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School District Pension Bond Issuance and the Influence on Spending Behavior

Calabrese, T., Ely, T. L. Read more

You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist

Conley, Dalton. Read more

The Long-Term Effects of Military Conscription on Mortality: Estimates From the Vietnam-Era Draft Lottery

Conley, Dalton and Jennifer Heerwig. Read more

A School-Randomized Clinical Trial of an Integrated Social-Emotional Learning and Literacy Intervention: Impacts on Third-Grade Outcomes

Jones, S.M., Brown, J.L, Hoglund, W.L.G., & J.L. Aber. Read more

Improving Classroom Quality: Teacher Influences and Experimental Impacts of the 4Rs Program

Brown, J.L., Jones, S.M., LaRusso, M.D., & J.L. Aber. Read more

Classroom Settings as Targets of Intervention and Research

Jones, S.M., Brown, J.L., & J.L. Aber. Read more

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone

Klinenberg, Eric. Read more

Understanding the Political Context of "New " Policy Issues: The Use of the Advocacy Coalition Framework in the Case of Expanded After-School Programs

Brecher C, Brazill C, Weitzman BC, and D Silver. Read more

Is severity of obesity associated with diagnosis or health education practices?

Leventer-Roberts M, Patel A and Leonardo Trasande. Read more

Race, Gender and the Recession: Job Creation and Employment

C. Nicole Mason, Ph.D Read more

Does Losing Your Home Mean Losing Your School? Effects of Foreclosure on the School Mobility of Children

Bean, Vicky, Ingrid Ellen, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Leanna Stiefel and Meryle Weinstein Read more

Geographic Variations in Health Care Workforce Training in the US: The Case of Registered Nurses (RNs)

Blustein, Jan Read more
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