Education Publications

From districts to schools: The distribution of resources across schools in big city school districts

Rubenstein, R. & Schwartz, A.E., Stiefel, L., Bel Hadj Amor, H. Read more

The Internet Backbone and the American Metropolis

Moss, M. L. & Townsend, A. Read more

Children's Performance in the Selection Task: Plausibility and Familiarity.

Girotto, V., Gilly, M., Blaye, A. & Light, P.C. Read more

The Volunteering Decision

Light, P.C. Read more

Government By the People

Magleby, D.B., O'Brien, D., Peltason, J.W., Burns, J.M., Light, P.C. & Cronin, T.E. Read more

Rethinking School Safety: The Report of the Chancellor's Advisory Panel on School Safety

Lynch, G. & Schall, E., Travis, J. Read more

School-Based Health Education: What Works?

Schall, E. Read more

A New Vision for Public Service Education

Schall, E. & Krantz, J. Read more

Long-Term Associations of Homelessness with Children's Well-Being

Shinn, M., Schteingart, J.S., Williams, N.P., Carlin-Mathis, J., Bialo-Karagis, N.,Becker-Klein, R. & Weitzman, B.C. Read more

Changing Labor Market Opportunities for Women and the Quality of Teachers, 1957 - 2000

Corcoran, S., Evans, W.N. & Schwab, R.M. Read more

Factors influencing participation in weekly support groups among women completing an HIV/STD Intervention program

Van Devanter, N., Parikh, N., Cohall, R., Faber, N., Litwak, E., Messeri, P., Gonzales, V., Kruger, S. & Greenberg, J. Read more

Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: The Need for Social and Behavioral Science Expertise in Public Health Departments (Editorial)

Van Devanter, N. Read more