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Heterosexual couples confronting the challenges of HIV infection

Van Devanter, N., Thacker, A.S., Bass, G. & Arnold, M. Read more

Preventing HIV Infection: The effects of community linkages, time, and money on recruiting and retaining women in intervention groups

Greenberg, J., J. Lifshay, Van Devanter, N., Gonzales, V. & Celentano, D. Read more

Reproductive Behaviors among HIV discordant heterosexual couples. Implications for counseling

Van Devanter, N., Cleary, P.D., Moore, J., Thacker, A.S. & O'Brien, T. Read more

A randomized trial of an education and support program for HIV infected individuals.

Cleary, P.D., Van Devanter, N., A. Stuart, M. Steilen, Shipton-Levy, R., W. McMullen, T. Rogers, E. Singer, Avorn, J. & J. Pindyck. Read more

Primary Care, Social Inequality, and Stroke Mortality in U.S. States--a Longitudinal Analysis, 1985-1995

Shi, L., Macinko, J., Starfield, B. & Politzer, R. Read more

School Efficiency and Student Sub-groups: Is a Good School Good for Everyone?

Schwartz, A, Kim, D.Y., Stiefel, L. & Zabel, J. Read more

Teaching Reflective Practices in the Action Science/Action Inquiry Tradition: Key Stages, Concepts, and Practices

Taylor, Rudolph & Foldy, E.G. Read more

Dueling Schemata: Dialectical Sensemaking About Gender

Foldy, E.G. Read more

Do Good High Schools Produce Good College Students? Early Evidence From New York City

Schwartz, A.E & Bel Hadj Amor, H. & Stiefel, L. Read more

Is there a Nativity Gap? New Evidence on the Academic Performance of Immigrant Students

Schwartz, A.E. & Stiefel, L. Read more

Immigrant and Native-born Differences in School Stability and Special Education: Evidence from New York City

Schwartz, A.E., Conger, D. & Stiefel, L. Read more

Healthy Relationships: A Guide to Forming Partnerships between Health Care Providers and Adult Education Programs

Kaplan, S.A. Read more
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