Health Policy

Twitter Response to the United States Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations against Screening with Prostate Specific Antigen

Prabhu, V., T. Lee, S. Loeb, J.H. Holmes, H.T. Gold, H. Lepor, D.F. Penson, and D.V. Makarov Read more

The global cancer divide: relationships between national healthcare resources and cancer outcomes in high-income vs. middle- and low-income countries

Batouli, A., P. Jahanshahi, C.P. Gross, D.V. Makarov, and J.B.Yu Read more

Are hospitals “keeping up with the Joneses”?: Assessing the spatial and temporal diffusion of the surgical robot

Li, H., M.H. Gail, B.R. Scott, H.T. Gold, D. Walter, D, M. Liu, C.P. Gross, and D.V. Makarov Read more

The Effect of the Diffusion of the Surgical Robot on the Hospital-level Utilization of Partial Nephrectomy

Sivarajan, G., G.B. Taksler, D. Walter, C.P. Gross, R.E. Sosa,and D.V. Makarov Read more

Elimination of Lipid Levels from Quality Measures: Implications and Alternatives

Stine, N.W., and Chokshi, D. Read more

Preventing Early Readmissions

Chokshi, D., and J.E. Chang Read more

Changing behaviors to prevent noncommunicable diseases

Chokshi, D. and T.A. Farley Read more

Connecting the Dots: Interprofessional Health Education and Delivery System Redesign at the Veterans Health Administration

Gilman, S.C., D. Chokshi, J.L. Bowen, K.W. Rugen, and M. Cox Read more

Community Health Workers — A Local Solution to a Global Problem

Singh, P., and D. Chokshi Read more

Reconsidering the Politics of Public Health

Chokshi, D., and N.W. Stine Read more

Improving Population Health in US Cities

Stine, N.W., D. Chokshi, and M. Gourevitch Read more

Opportunity in Austerity — A Common Agenda for Medicine and Public Health

Stine, N.W., and Chokshi, D. Read more