From Consent to Mutual Inquiry: Balancing Democracy and Authority in Action Research

Ospina, S., Dodge, J., Godsoe, B., Mineri, J., Reza, S. & Schall, E. Read more

A Randomized Trial of Nurse Specialist Home Care for Women with High Risk Pregnancies: Outcomes and Costs

Brooten, D., Youngblut, J., Brown L., Finkler, S. et. al. Read more

The World Cities Project: Rationale, Organization, and Design for Comparison of Megacity Health Systems

VG. Rodwin & MK. Gusmano Read more

Reader in Gender, Work and Organization

Ely, R., Foldy, E.G. & Scully, M. Read more

Understanding Cooperative Behavior in Labor Management Cooperation: A Theoy-Building Exercise

Ospina, S. Read more

The Effects of Job Loss on Older Workers

Sewin Chan & Ann Huff Stevens Read more

Job Loss and Employment Behavior of Older Workers

Sewin Chan & Ann Huff Stevens Read more

Telecommuting and the Demand for Urban Living: A Preliminary Look at White-Collar Workers

Ellen, I.G. & Hempstead, K. Read more

Enacting Labor Management Cooperation: New Competencies for the New Times

Ospina, S. & Yaroni, A. Read more

Do Changes in Pension Incentives Affect Retirement? A Longitudinal Study of Subjective Retirement Expectations

Sewin Chan & Ann Huff Stevens Read more

Erosion and Reform from the Center in Kenya

Smoke, P. Read more
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