Kovner-Behrman Health Forum Explores Paths to Improved Decision-Making in Healthcare

NYU Wagner's Sherry Glied, Dean and Professor of Public Service, convened the 20th annual Kovner-Behrman Health Forum before a capacity audience in the school's home in the historic Puck Building on March 23. Entitled "Check Your Intuitions," the event brought together leading health experts for a discussion and an audience Q&A on how to improve decision making in health policy and management.

Professional insights gleaned from research and hands-on experience were offered by: James Knickman,Derzon Clinical Professor of Health, NYU Wagner, and Director of the Health Evaluation and Analytics Program, NYU Wagner and the School of Medicine (below right); Maja Djukic, Assistant Professor, NYU College of Nursing (below left); and Jon Sendach, Adjunct Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management, NYU Wagner.

The informative and lively discussion was moderated by Thomas D'Aunno, Professor of Management, NYU Wagner (pictured top right).


The Kovner-Behrman Health Forum was established by NYU Wagner Professor Anthony Kovner in 1996 to convene health experts for dialogue about how to improve the healthcare delivery system. With extensive experience as both a health practictioner and academic, Professor Kovner recognized the value of bridging the gap between the two sectors. Each year, experts at the Forum discuss a different healthcare topic that is relevant to both practioners and researchers, with the goal of learning from one another and improving overall health outcomes.