Policy design for the Anthropocene

T. Sterner, E.B. Barbier, I. Bateman, I. van den Bijgaart, A.-S. Crépin, O. Edenhofer, C. Fischer, W. Habla, J. Hassler, O. Johansson-Stenman, A. Lange, S. Polasky, J. Rockström, H.G. Smith, W.Steffen, G.Wagner, J.E. Wilen Read more

The Implications of Uncertainty and Ignorance for Solar Geoengineering

Richard J. Zeckhauser and Gernot Wagner Read more

Policy Brief – Recommendations for Improving the Treatment of Risk and Uncertainty in Economic Estimates of Climate Impacts in the Sixth IPCC Assessment Report

Thomas Stoerk, Gernot Wagner, and Robert E.T. Ward Read more

Moral Hazard and Solar Geoengineering

Gernot Wagner and Christine Merk Read more

India in the coming ‘climate G2’?

Jonathan Camuzeaux, Thomas Sterner, and Gernot Wagner Read more

Underwriting 1.5°C: Competitive approaches to financing accelerated climate change mitigation

Paul Bodnar, Caroline Ott, Rupert Edwards, Stephan Hoch, Emily F. McGlynn, and Gernot Wagner Read more

Ramsey discounting calls for subtracting climate damages from economic growth rates

J. Paul Kelleher and Gernot Wagner Read more

Declining CO2 Price Paths

Kent D. Daniel, Robert B. Litterman, and Gernot Wagner Read more

Downtown Rising: How Brooklyn became a model for urban development

M. Moss Read more
Port Authority

A Port Authority That Works

Moss, Mitchell L. and Hugh O'Neill. Read more