Neighborhood-level risk factors for severe hyperglycemia among ED patients without a prior diabetes diagnosis

Christian Koziatek, Isaac Bohart, [...], Daniel B. Neill, David Lee Read more

PROVIDENT: development and validation of a machine learning model to predict neighborhood-level overdose risk in Rhode Island

Bennett Allen, [...], Magdalena Cerda, Daniel B. Neill Read more

Fairness and bias of machine learning in healthcare and medicine

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Presyndromic surveillance for improved detection of emerging public health threats

Mallory Nobles, Ramona Lall, Robert W. Mathes, and Daniel B. Neill Read more

Preventing overdose using information and data from the environment (PROVIDENT): Protocol for a randomised, population-based, community intervention trial

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Provable detection of propagating sampling bias in prediction models

Pavan Ravishankar, Qingyu Mo, Edward McFowland III, and Daniel B. Neill Read more

Calibrated nonparametric scan statistics for anomalous pattern detection in graphs

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Estimating reporting bias in 311 complaint data

Kate S. Boxer, Boyeoung Hong, Constantine E. Kontokosta, and Daniel B. Neill Read more

Identifying predictors of opioid overdose death at a neighborhood level with machine learning

R. C. Schell, B. Allen, W. C. Goedel, B. D. Hallowell, R. Scagos, Y. Li, M. S. Krieger, D. B. Neill, B. D. L. Marshall, M. Cerda, and J. Ahern Read more

Detecting anomalous networks of opioid prescribers and dispensers in prescription drug data

Katie Rosman and Daniel B. Neill Read more

SPATE-GAN: Improved generative modeling of dynamic spatio-temporal patterns with an autoregressive embedding loss

K. Klemmer, T. Xu, B. Acciaio, and D. B. Neill Read more

Positional encoder graph neural networks for geographic data

Konstantin Klemmer, Nathan S. Safir, and D. B. Neill Read more